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27 August, 2015

MrG had his first soccer practice tonight with his new coach. It went well, which is good because he had a bad day. He didn’t pass the swim test, and his camp basketball team is terrible.

MsS had soccer practice, and seemed to enjoy it.

We withdrew MrC from soccer. He’s just not interested. I took him to psychologist appointment today, she liked my multi-column spreadsheet that I made. She asked if we have made progress since last year. A good question to ask, yes we have.


26 August, 2015

MyBetterHalf went to a PTA meeting.

i took the childrens to the park.

MrG and I played catch with baseball… Very nice to not be constrained by our small yard.

MsS and I played catch with baseball, and she practiced handstands and we passed the soccer ball.

MrC and I played soccer, and I ran along side him as he rode his bike. He also rode down a scary hill!

Blood, Bones & Butter

25 August, 2015

a fun read by Gabrielle Hamilton,…growing up…learning about cooking, starting a restaurant, starting a family.

I enjoyed the learning to cook parts best, and every now and then, be excited and want to rejoin the food service industry, but quickly be reminded this work is hard, with terrible hours, and mediocre pay.

I wonder if she opened any customers eyes when they read that their catered meal was not prepared by the chef who made the sample, was made hours ago, and has been touched by at least five people before the guests see it.

I like her attitude about food

  • “Five minutes in the life of a cooked egg…is the difference between excellent and bullshit.”
  • “I loved that she gave her kids homegrown vegetables and big glasses of sugary processed Kool-Aid right alongside.”
  • “when people get all dreamy about local and seasonal, they are thinking about California where you can get anything any time of year.”



24 August, 2015

father-in-law had to work, so we had a 7:30 breakfast, which is the earliest we’ve ever had breakfast. So, we got on the road early.

MsS and MrC spent the trip either playing with, fighting with, annoying or entertaining each other. MrG was pretty quiet, except when he dropped the memory-chip for his camera between the seats.

They were tired.

oh yeah, bro-in-law wedding was beautiful.

The childrens saw deer, MsS and CousinMo were walking towards some. Later, MrG and MsS saw some close by. MrC…he eventually ended up dancing with the 20 year old women.

Live like Jesus

23 August, 2015

Recently, someone said they want to “live like Jesus.” ┬áSince I’m a jerk, I immediately thought of smart-ass replies…

  • Unemployed?
  • not married?
  • wandering around the country?
  • Hanging out with scum of society?
  • publically attacking and offending religous leaders?
  • Being a hooligan in the temple?
  • eating kosher?
  • going to worship on Saturdays?
  • never quoting the New Testemant?
  • performing miracles ?

Shakespeare in the Park

22 August, 2015

Went to park, a theatre company was putting on a comedy with sword fights. The childrens wanted to play at the playground. Foolishly I bought the cotton candy. Bedtime is gonna suck.


21 August, 2015

Tonight the sky was dim and yellow at 6pm. At 9pm the moon was red.

Yup, Eastern Washington is on fire.

Simple things

20 August, 2015

so… MtBetterHalf and the childrens have been having fun. she taught MrC how to stand up a row of dominoes and then topple them. They went to the beach, and dug holes.


19 August, 2015

For some reason, the childrens have a bunch of balloons, and since it is hot, you guessed it, they like to make and throw water balloons. I have refused to help them in this endeavor. So, for a while they would fill up the balloon, and hold the end, and toss it. MrG had a game, where he would try to run across the deck before all the water squirted out of the balloon, calling it his “peeing baby”. One day, after MsS, very frustrated that I wouldn’t blow up a balloon for her, blew it up on her own, and was so very excited. The next day, when I came home she exclaimed with joy on her face, “Papa, I can tie the balloon all by myself.”
The childrens have been setting up a carnival on our deck. MsS had an obstacle course, have to dribble the basketball around some cones a certain number of times, (MrG wanted to make sure he was doing the exact number), then balance on a 2×4, then dribble a soccer ball. Then get a prize.

Soccer… MsS has been a bit, not so interested in soccer. Her team is having little off-season get-togethers on the soccer field. It has been hot. So I can understand her not wanting to run around. But another thing that worries me, her twin brother is better than her, and it bothers her. She and I chatted one morning while I was walking her to the playground at camp after dropping offer her brothers. She was doing cart-wheels. I pointed out to her that MrG plays soccer all the time, and MrG cannot do cartwheels. Everyone is better at different things, and the more you do something, the better you get. For instance, I told her, she is better than anyone else in the family at monkey bars.

Speaking of jealousy. The other day, while dropping off the childrens at camp, a bunch of the ~4th grade girls stopped their activity, and came up to give MrC a hug. MrG looked at me and said, “See, everybody likes MrC”.


18 August, 2015

Still playing quick games of chess on my phone. I am usually starting with d4, then as the computer brings out the Nc6, I go to d5. Usually push their N around a bit. Very predictable. sadly, even though I can usually start with a position advantage….usually we split the games. I blame it on playing when sleepy, then I miss an attack, or make a silly move. Then pissed, play again…still tired, but now emotional, …lose again.