The Great Emergence

Phyllis Tickle, founding editor of Religion Dept at Publishers Weekly wrote “The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why”

I’m not sure if I’m educated enuff to comment on this, but, being the nerd I am I really enjoy sentences such as “But also running like leitmotivs through the emergence conversation are some other, very down-to-earth and harrying concerns about the meta-narrative.” I really enjoyed the book.

Tickle writes that every  five centuries, or so, the Church goes through a time of turmoil and change.

Around 590, Gregory a the Great and Council of Chalcedon. Decided that Mary was the Mother Of God, not the mother of a human that divine inhabited. Because if Jesus was just a soul, then the agony of the Crusifiction is less.

the Great Schism of 1054, …leavened vs unleavened bread for Communion, nature of the Holy Spirit, is Rome the Authority?

The Great Reformatiom, 1517….Luther, Calvin,… Where is authority? (especially if there were three men claiming to be Pope at the same time)

And today, what Tickle calls “The Great Emergence”. We have Darwin, Faraday, Campbell showing Bible not literal. We have Pentacostal movement saying Holy Spirit is Authority. Fundamentalists claiming inerrancy of Scripture. Topics that The Church wrestles with: Female ordination, divorce, abortion, homosexuality, slavery, the Internet and taking the car for a Sunday drive, Vineyard, Calvary and Hope churches,… What some bemoan as terrible changes, Tickle sees as hopeful and joyful learning and growing.

Tickle quotes USC Professor Donald E. Miller predicting “restructuring the organizational character of institutional religion, and democratizing access to the sacred by radicalizing the Protestant principle of the priesthood of all believers.”




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