This morning we skipped Church, instead we stayed at home and yelled at each other, especially MrCuddles and I. Oh, and cleaned the house for a lunch BBQ with MrGrunty’s soccer team. That went decently, except I now realize I forgot to put out lettuce for the burgers! We met the new coach, I’ll be “manager”, he seems relaxed and not crazy. Which fits the team, and the parents.

Team name…so….I had an idea… It didn’t work very well… Each player gave a couple suggestions, and then privately voted for their top three. At end of first round, only one name had two votes! Second round…we are The Pickles.

MrG hates that name. And, funny enough, new coach’s kid doesn’t like it either.

After, MyBetterHalf took them shopping, MrG needed a Seahawks jersey, MsS and MrC got stuff from Build-a-Bear.

This evening, MrCuddles and I went to park to bike ride with his friend (Pablo’s boy)…but MrC bike has broke inner tube. He was very upset, but soon they were off having fun, throwing dirt in the air, making forts.

tonight played some catch with MrGunty

Then, my favorite part of the day, MsSqueaky taught me dance moves to Katy Perry’s “Firework”


( note: originally I wrote the wrong song…luckily MyBetterHalf pays attention )




2 Responses to “sunday”

  1. Heather Says:

    Wasn’t it to Katy Perry’s Firework?

  2. :-jon Says:


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