Blood, Bones & Butter

a fun read by Gabrielle Hamilton,…growing up…learning about cooking, starting a restaurant, starting a family.

I enjoyed the learning to cook parts best, and every now and then, be excited and want to rejoin the food service industry, but quickly be reminded this work is hard, with terrible hours, and mediocre pay.

I wonder if she opened any customers eyes when they read that their catered meal was not prepared by the chef who made the sample, was made hours ago, and has been touched by at least five people before the guests see it.

I like her attitude about food

  • “Five minutes in the life of a cooked egg…is the difference between excellent and bullshit.”
  • “I loved that she gave her kids homegrown vegetables and big glasses of sugary processed Kool-Aid right alongside.”
  • “when people get all dreamy about local and seasonal, they are thinking about California where you can get anything any time of year.”




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