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26 September, 2015

This movie was fun, funny, and good.
LeBron was funny.
I’m seeing why America loves Ms Amy Schumer, she’s funny, she can act, good writing.

Very glad MyBetterHalf picked it while the childrens are at my parents for the weekend.


Seahawks Packers

20 September, 2015

MyBetterHalf returned last night.

She invited folks over to watch today’s football game. MrG says he’s never watching the Seahawks again.


18 September, 2015

We had a quick dinner then off to the school for riding bikes.
We invited folks, this time MrG’s friends showed, and MsS and MrC BFFs didn’t


17 September, 2015

The rains have returned. Took an hour to get the childrens.


16 September, 2015

MrC was very helpful with putting away the tent.
MsS volunteered to clean the sink.
MrG created his own page of math problems to do.

She’s leaving

15 September, 2015

MyBetterHalf is off to Kentucky in a few hours for a CLE on liquor law.

Yes, I am afraid I’ll lock us out of the house.

Bike riding

14 September, 2015

I forgot to mention, yesterday MrC went bike riding with Pablo’s boy. MrC has learned a new skill, riding while using one hand to hold onto a pint of raspberries to take to his friend.

Tonight we went riding with MsS and MrC respective BFFs. MrG was sad his friends couldn’t make it. So he and I played catch and soccer.

Then, we played Calvin-Ball. From the old Calvin and Hobbes strip. “The only rule of Calvin Ball is you don’t play the same way twice.”


13 September, 2015

Did I mention we boys camped in the tent in the back yard?
Well, it rained this morning while we were at Church, and I had forgotten to close the door to the tent.


12 September, 2015

This morning, music to my ears, MrG and MrC were playing nicely together. With MsS’s Shopkins (a tiny toy, there’s more than 200 kinds, it’s anthromorphic things you can buy at a shop. Like an apple with a face, a fan with a face.)

I’m told MsS was upset with the boys playing with her stuff. Well, MrG is jealous she’s sleeping in a yurt. And I hear MsS even got to canoe today.

MrG went to a bday party at a trampoline place.

MrC had his best friend visit.

Now we are camping in the back yard.

12 tone

11 September, 2015

In case you’re curious, my fingers still remember how to play a twelve-tone series I created twenty years ago, and pro’lly haven’t thought about for a decade.

Serena Williams lost. Which made me sad even though I don’t follow tennis at all.

MyBetterHalf and MsS are on a Mommy and Daughter Girlscout event for troop leaders. Which is cool, because when leading a parent get less time with own kid.