Return from Port Angeles

We’re home. We spent the weekend at a KOA kabin near Port Angeles, which I think of as a quirky hotel.

This morning the childrens were awake by 7:30, (MyBetterHalf wishes they would sleep in, and I remind her that 7:30 is two hours later than she normally wakes, she’s not amused) and the childrens were pretending to be noisy kittens.

After breakfast, MrC and I played a quick game of air-table hockey. We packed up, we left.

We stopped at Dungeness Spit, we saw some deer up on the bluff, I learned a little about spits, the childrens played near the water, finding cool rocks, stacking rocks, throwing rocks into the surf, building houses that got washed away, seeing how close they could get to the waves, running away,…they didn’t want to leave. MrC and I had some nice time walking there and back again, he pointed out a couple “very magic trees” and told me how to climb them, and spotted a bird on the trail ahead of us. I pointed out cool views, like the canopy straight above us, a collection of perfect spiderwebs glistening in a moonbeam and of course moss and lichens.

Now…MrG is playing Wii sport, MyBetterHalf is watching videos on YouTube, MrC is dressed in a Wolverine costume and is riding bikes with MsS on the deck.


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