Birthday weekend

Oh yeah…. I had a birthday recently.

on my birthday, I had a different flavor of ice cream from each of the childrens.
MrG gave me chocolate mint chip.
MsS gave me toffee crunch.
MrC gave me pistachio.

Then…a few days later we had parent teacher conferences…
MrG is quiet.
MsS having a great time.
MrC is doing alright.
Then, we went to a corn maze! MrC and I went off, quickly got lost, but stayed together, wandered around for an hour and then stumbled upon the exit and went to get snacks. MyBetterHalf, MsS and MrG were on a mission to find all six clues, they did.

Then, family Friday night movie…one of my favorites when I was a kid, the cartoon version of The Hobbit. Yes, still love it. The childrens seemed to enjoy it.

Saturday soccer. (Let me recap a bit of season, MrG is doing well. He’s making passes. He’s stealing the ball from other team. He gets complements on his fancy footwork. He’s made some nice shots, once, big kick, but hit the goal post, and the clang rang out loudly. I like to sit away from other parents, so I’m not distracted, so I get a better view, so no one hears my mumblings.)

Sunday… Worked with MsS on making a bed for her doll. We got wood, had to go back for screws, (important lesson of multiple trips to store for a project!) I started teaching her how to use a power drill.

‘Twas a great birthday weekend. Especially since leading up to it, I was getting Poor Me Syndrome, and being jerk to my family.


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  1. :-jon Says:

    And evidently this is post number 1,500!

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