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Girls on the Run

12 December, 2015

well… the big day of MsSqueaky’s 5K was here. And we were sleepy this morning, and a bit difficult to get out of the house in a timely fashion. It was gray, raining, and beds were so warm and snuggly.

I lied to her on the way there, “it’s a perfect day for a run, it’s cool, look the trees aren’t moving, there’s no wind”

She was cold on our walk to the start. I was too with a cold wind whipping off of the lake. I told her I would block the wind for her. Luckily, when we caught up with her teammates/friends we were surrounded by people who helped block the wind, and, we got our long sleeve race shirts, so one more article of clothing to put on. At that point I was OK. She was still cold. She was not talking to friends. The look on her face was not wanting to be there.

We started a group warm-up, which was tough, because we were standing in mud, and people were very close to us. Then to the start, where, keeping the ancient race tradition, someone on a bull horn gave very important instruction, which nobody could understand.

When the “gun” went off, I told MsS, we don’t start timing ourselves until we pass the start. This gave us a few minutes to discuss “guns” in track & road races.

After we officially started, her coaches, other team parents were at the side, cheered for her, and I looked over and saw a bit of a smile on her face.

She started strong, and was wanting to run. Maybe because it was cold. Maybe because she felt encouraged and excited. She would pass strong, and make great moves and cuts. I was proud! Good moves MsS! She kept looking back at me, and I kept calling out, “I got you, keep going”. After the first mile, she didn’t even care about avoiding puddles anymore (that’s my girl!). There were some tight turns, a couple bottle necks…but no cars.

She had a friend, and they kept passing each other, “you two are leap frogging,” I told her. Her friend helped MsS keep going, but eventually got too far ahead at a mile marker #2, (where they handed out a prize to the girls, a sticker for mile #1, a bracelet at mile marker #2, and a ring at mile marker #3), and we were not able to catch up. At that point, MsS reminded me, “Coach X, Coach Y, Coach Z all said to run at our own pace.”

At the final 50 yard straightaway, I told “let run”. And she did for a bit, but went back to walk. I picked her up, “see the finish?” it was only 25 yards away. She had a kick to finish.

She was all smiles at the finish and happy to get her medal.


UW volleyball

9 December, 2015

Hey Sports Fans!

Last Friday, took the family, with a couple friends from soccer, to watch the first round of the NCAA Volleyball Championship Tournament.

UW -vs- U Denver

Huskies -vs- Pioneers

Yeah… UW started slow each time… but went on to have three decisive wins. Fun, but not so exciting.

The next night… well, I had a work party to go to. And, that was alright, even though I’m scared of strangers. Yeah, I know, it’s a work party, I work with these people…but…as I tried to explain to MsS…when we are in a group for soccer, I know I can talk soccer. But when we don’t have a specific thing to talk about.   (Bitterkat once told me, “that’s why you have a glass of wine, you can talk about the wine, and then after a bit of wine, you relax,…”  I had a ethomusicology professor say, “alcohol is a social lubricant”.)


Yurtsgiving 2015 – last stories

6 December, 2015

…a few stories…

MsSqueaky organized a scavenger hunt. “Rule #1, always stay with your parent.”  and we looked around for a camp site, big tree, birds, squirrel (didn’t find!).  MrGrunty, MsS and I were on a team.

MrGrunty loved playing Apples-To-Apples Jr. Version. I love watching him laugh. And he was very shocked when Pablo picked “tree frog” as edible. “But Spinach is an actual food” he said, trying to get his card chosen. Pablo doesn’t like chlorophyll.

I happened to play a bit of guitar while Ally sang.


6 December, 2015

MsSqueaky is in “Girls On The Run” as one of her after school activities. A running club, for girls. I will be joining her on the big Girls On the Run 5k.

I am out of shape.

And so, last Sunday, after unpacking from YurtsGiving-2015, I went out to the local track, just to see if I could jog a mile. I figured, hoped, if I can make it one mile, I should be able to force myself through a 5k. Hope.

It was dark, cold, foggy. It was great. I felt happy nostalgia as I was jogging alone on the track. It was great. And I managed to job a 9:35 mile…well, it was probably a 1600m, because that’s the way tracks are build these days.

Last Thursday, was a practice 5k, of the club, with about half-a-dozen volunteer running buddies. The weather was cool, and drizzle…perfect for a 5k. MsS told me, “Coach said to just run at my own pace.” I agreed, but added, when you hear the cowbell, you gotta run. There was a cowbell ringing at the four laps of the course. It was so much fun. I miss it, running with a team, watching out for cars, calling out warnings, encouraging each other, stomping in or avoid puddles.MsSqueaky finished strong, with a good kick, and ran through the cheering Victory Arch her teammates and coaches made.  It was great. And I even finished in less than 45 minutes.

Surprisingly, my knees did not rebel. Surprisingly I could walk the next day. I can still feel a bit of tired/sore…but I feel good.

Thanks MsSqueaky for helping me be better.