MsSqueaky is in “Girls On The Run” as one of her after school activities. A running club, for girls. I will be joining her on the big Girls On the Run 5k.

I am out of shape.

And so, last Sunday, after unpacking from YurtsGiving-2015, I went out to the local track, just to see if I could jog a mile. I figured, hoped, if I can make it one mile, I should be able to force myself through a 5k. Hope.

It was dark, cold, foggy. It was great. I felt happy nostalgia as I was jogging alone on the track. It was great. And I managed to job a 9:35 mile…well, it was probably a 1600m, because that’s the way tracks are build these days.

Last Thursday, was a practice 5k, of the club, with about half-a-dozen volunteer running buddies. The weather was cool, and drizzle…perfect for a 5k. MsS told me, “Coach said to just run at my own pace.” I agreed, but added, when you hear the cowbell, you gotta run. There was a cowbell ringing at the four laps of the course. It was so much fun. I miss it, running with a team, watching out for cars, calling out warnings, encouraging each other, stomping in or avoid puddles.MsSqueaky finished strong, with a good kick, and ran through the cheering Victory Arch her teammates and coaches made.  It was great. And I even finished in less than 45 minutes.

Surprisingly, my knees did not rebel. Surprisingly I could walk the next day. I can still feel a bit of tired/sore…but I feel good.

Thanks MsSqueaky for helping me be better.



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