UW volleyball

Hey Sports Fans!

Last Friday, took the family, with a couple friends from soccer, to watch the first round of the NCAA Volleyball Championship Tournament.

UW -vs- U Denver

Huskies -vs- Pioneers

Yeah… UW started slow each time… but went on to have three decisive wins. Fun, but not so exciting.

The next night… well, I had a work party to go to. And, that was alright, even though I’m scared of strangers. Yeah, I know, it’s a work party, I work with these people…but…as I tried to explain to MsS…when we are in a group for soccer, I know I can talk soccer. But when we don’t have a specific thing to talk about.   (Bitterkat once told me, “that’s why you have a glass of wine, you can talk about the wine, and then after a bit of wine, you relax,…”  I had a ethomusicology professor say, “alcohol is a social lubricant”.)



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