groundhog’s day

yeah, yeah, I know… Ground Hog’s Day was earlier. And, you pro’lly know, I was baptized on GroundHog’s Day back in the 80s.  I think I was ten. I could pro’lly look it up, but, I’m lazy, and I have a Sophie-kitty on my lap. Back then, for some reason I was curious, and asking questions, and one of the Elders of our congregation would visit me (and my parents) weekly, and we worked through a book about Jesus, and Baptism, and I remember, sitting at the table one night, crying, telling them I wanted to be baptized and be saved by Jesus. My Dad was the one who baptized me, which is cool. Full immersion, because srsly…a few drops of water on the forehead is not the reason John The Baptist was at the River Jordan.  I was WAY to young to know what I was getting into. (But really, who among us really knows what they are getting into when they volunteer for a life changing event, such as marriage, children, military…)

Did I say “life changing”… hmmm… maybe that’s not the proper word for me to use about my Baptism. I didn’t change. I was still the same kid. But I believed that NOW, since I was baptized, I was saved.

Now… I’m still the same old shit-head I’ve always been. Well, I haven’t always been old, but you know what I mean. And actually, I laugh thinking back on it, I knew nothing of sin and temptation.  Now, I don’t believe that my salvation is due to me participating in an ancient Jewish purification rite. I don’t believe that God will say to anyone, “oh, too bad, you should have been Baptized, say “hi” to Lucifer, because that’s where you’re spending the Afterlife.”  Now, personally, I view Baptism as a “yes, I am part of this community of Christians”. Yes, it’s a Holy Sacrament. But it’s not a prerequisite to Paradise.




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