Birthday for Mr Cuddles

I spent the day with MrCuddles at his school. I am always amazed at how a teacher can keep twenty students on task, much better than I can with my three children, or I could with six soccer players.

I played with the kids at recess, freeze-tag, four-square, jumprope…so, yay, exercise.

I hope I wasn’t too much in the way, or too much of a distraction. I helped a bit with math, and writing,…and showed his table how to make strips of paper curly for a craft. For his celebrated birthday time, the other students shouted out seven adjectives to describe him: healthy, kind, happy, cute, great helper, nice, super, special. They sang HappyBirthday, and did sign language version of the song too.

After school…the childrens wanted to go to the playground to play with their friends. Then to RedRobin for MrC dinner…but he didn’t want the ice-cream there, he wanted a banana-split from BaskenRobbins.

Then, basketball practices for MrG & MsS.

Me and MsS hid his birthday presents in the laundry…and I told him he had to put away clothes to get his presents. He protested a tiny bit, but was surprised and happy. Especially that his siblings got him cars that he was REALLY wanting just the other day. Me & MyBetterHalf got him art supplies.


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