This morning, I woke to MrCuddles shrieking. He had gotten lost in his Minecraft world, and couldn’t find the way back to the stadium he was building. Luckily, MsS showed up in his world, and led him back to his town.

Been playing Minecraft with the childrens. I’m told it’s educational.

Once we were deep in a mine, there were zombies, but we all had weapons and armor, so if we worked as a team, it would be alright. What happened next was straight out of history book, (see, educational) as an example of what happens when an army is routed. I said, “stay together.” MrG immediately rushed into the mob, swing his sword. MsS didn’t know what to do, she was afraid and didn’t want her character hurt. MrC got his character hit, freaked out, there down his Kindle and ran out of the room crying. I tried to get to MrG, while trying to encourage MsS and calm MrC. Needless to say it was a disaster. And after they blamed me.

It’s crazy cookie season for GirlScouts, and we’re the troop’s cookie depot. When cookies were brought to us, I told the childrens, “stack them up close, just like Minecraft”!





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