basketball – MsSqueaky

I’m reading a report MsS recently wrote about herself: “I am good at basketball…I am really good at defending…basketball is my favorite sport.”  Awwwww…. me and my daughter share a favorite sport.

So, this Winter, MsS played through the YMCA, I did not coach. I thought for sure we would know someone on her team. Nope. After three seasons, a totally new bunch of girls. At the first practice, I sat, I watched…oh, my, this was not going to be good. MsS was the best on her team, by a lot. They did a game, everyone dribbling, you’re out when you lose control of your ball, or someone knocks your ball away. MsS won three times in a row, easily. Last year, she was about average on her team. This year, looks like she was gonna be the Captain. I told her that she was the veteran, and would need to be a good example to the other girls.

First game. A disaster. But, at least we played against someone that was on our team last year, so that was nice when she stole the ball from MsS.

Second and third games went poorly too.

But then, a few other parents started helping the girls, so they would have many stations at practice, which was cool. And a few veteran players that I recognized from last year joined the team. And they started to jell.

And MsS started getting assertive. She was going for rebounds. She started trying to steal the ball, sometimes getting it, sometimes getting a jump ball. A few weeks ago, in a game the girl assigned to guard her, did not know what to do. MsS would dribble past, get to her favorite spot, and make a basket. Four times in a row.







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