This morning, MrCuddles and I went to South Seattle to go to a kid’s workshop at a local lumber store. He seemed to enjoy the hammering. While this was happening, MyBetterHalf took MrGrunty to his baseball practice, and then went to help MsSqueaky sell her girlscout cookies.

We got them to clean up their rooms with only a tiny bit of complaining.

This afternoon, it was nice to listen to MrG and MrC play with each other,…they were playing trains and cars, then had a snowball fight, then when ran out of things to do, I suggested “MrG, why don’t you teach your brother how to hit” and they enthusiastically went off to batting practice.

Now, MrG is yelling at his Madden team.
MyBetterHalf is trying to thaw out in the shower whilst singing “Take On Me” by A-ha.
MrC and MsS are playing cars and Shopkins.
Oliver-kitty is hiding/napping under a giant piece of cardboard on MsS’s bed.
Me…I just gave Sophie-kitty a second wet-food dinner. She really likes her fish sauce, and considering we just got home from a seafood dinner, I just couldn’t resist.

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