Sunday afternoon

Oliver-kitty, is such a silly kitty. His preferred water, is from the spout in the tub. When we wake, or when we get home, he’ll wait in the hall, and when we start going towards the bathroom, he’ll sprint ahead of us and sit on the side of the tub. And he wants his water, just right. Which none of us have figured out exactly how fast that should be. We think it varies. Sometimes he slurps straight from the spout, some times he lets it drip on his forearm and licks it up from there, this morning, he was catching drops in mid-air.

Yesterday afternoon, MyBetterHalf was trying to thaw out from a morning of selling GSCookies, and get ready for the evening sell, and doing the bookkeeping, and trying to guess how many more cases they will need.

MsS said she wanted to practice hitting. So we went to MrC room, she had a tiny Louisville Slugger that MyBetterHalf got on a business trip, and I had a dozen small balls…ping-pong, foam-cat-toys, light plastic… and I pitched at her. She’s much better than last year, even though she claims she hasn’t practiced. Maybe the growing, and maybe the other sports have helped her hand-eye. She was very excited when she hit five in a row, and went to tell her mommy. Then she wanted to practice catching. And, better than last year. I was getting cold, and MrG was out there, so I asked him if he could help. He did, and they were having fun, and he was giving her pointers. (Also an improvement over last year, her listening to MrG, he being a better coach.)

MrG and MrCuddles were practicing batting, until MrC hit the ball hard, and it jammed his brothers fingers.

Me… not much. Just watching and smiling.


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