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The Boys in the Boat

21 May, 2016

The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel Brown, was a pleasure to read. Early Seattle history, exciting sports story – I was still nervous during the final race chapter, even though I knew who won! – and a bit of a shadow story of Leni Riefenstahl, Hitler’s genius filmmaker/propaganda, (which I’m more curious about her, but I don’t really want to study evil.)

Highly recommend.


The Men of Kent

21 May, 2016

The Men of Kent, by Rick Rinehart.

it was alright.

Mormonism a Very Short Introduction

21 May, 2016

Once again, I really like the “Very Short Introduction” series.

Currently, I’m interested in the beginnings of religious traditions. And this case, there is plenty of primary source material. I do want to read more on Mountain Meadows Massacre, more on the US government’s war with the Mormons, more on the persecution that the early Mormon church faced.


Catch a Star – Tamika Catchings

21 May, 2016

I’m glad I read Tamika Catchings’s story. Her dad, was a bit too much of trying to coach her, even after she had surpassed him in accomplishments in basketball. I hope that I don’t do that to my kids. Just be a supportive parent. Let their coaches coach. Luckily for me, my kids already know more about sports than I do.


Boy Scout camp

7 May, 2016

recently, I took the boys up to Winter Camp with MrG’s Cub Scout group. I was beautiful, sunny and warm. We got their Friday night, and had the cabin to ourselves. MrG & MrC had a great time bonding, joking, running around the cabin, exploring the cabin, playing hide and seek.

The rest of the group showed up the next morning. Food was…well, it was camp food. (MrG surprised me when he said he really liked the scrambled eggs they made. What?)

Activities: We stood in line at BB-guns…but that was boring so we left. There was a nature activity “nature! it’s all around you!!”  And I couldn’t help myself, I had to correct them when they said potatoes originated in Ireland. Then to outdoor survival skills. We did not do well with knots, MrCuddles should not be trusted with a knife, (he would try to whittle straight into the wood, he would GRASP the blade to hand the knife back), and making donuts over a fire in a dutch oven is fun. Later that day, we went on a hike. We were supposed to go with the group…but… we got held up…and just the three of us tried to catch up. Our Scout Leader was impressed that Mr Cuddle made it to the top, (in fact, at the next meeting he was awarded a nice hiking staff).  And craft making.

After dinner… campfire songs and skits. MrCuddles loved the skits. Weeks later, he is still laughing about some of the skits, “red wire, blue wire, this is how you start a fire”… “A bird, a bee, I think I’ll hug this tree”. He wants to go back next year.

Saturday night…I forgot what a cabin full of boys is like. Noisy.

Sunday morning, after Flag ceremony the Scouts started singing, “lets go down to the chappel…” and we went to chappel. A few songs. A prayer to the Great Scout Master In The Sky. Pack up and leave.

The boys aren’t really connected to their scout group, so it was more of a bonding for them with each other, and me just hanging out with my sons. Yeah, we’re anti-social, but totally worth it.