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18 June, 2016

The other day, I spent the day with MsSqueaky’s class, because she was celebrating her birthday.

I started in the office, by thanking the Principle for forbidding Dancing Feet Friday. She laughed, “yeah, I got a lot of glares in hallway.” Earlier this year, the she had told the third grade students that in a few weeks Dancing Feet Friday would no longer allowed at school. By chance, the students were learning about persuasive writing. They wrote their arguments to her for reinstating Dancing Feet Friday, and she was convinced.

I also told her I was very impressed with the Potlatch.

Music class, the music teacher had them work on sight reading with their recorders. I didn’t start doing that until like Jr High! He started class with, “when you play in orchestra or band, you will need to be able to do this.” Just assuming they will play an instrument, I love it!

Recess, played some basketball, some soccer, played some tag with MsS and five of her closest friends. But when other kids joined, MsS wanted to leave, “I just want you to play with me and my friends.” My favorite game, I got them to play invisible-rope tug-of-war.┬áBefore the match, we decided which team would win, we would watch one person to see which way the tug was going, and then another person would signal when it was over and we all would fall.

Birthday snack…she had the class sing to her in the style of a cat.

Science…we looked at (dead) bees with a magnifying glass. And then used the bees to pollinate the flowers the class is growing.






16 June, 2016

Tonight, me, MrC and MsS shot some baskets on the ten foot hoop. (Neither child complained of the height) MsS got some, MrC even got a couple.

After lights out, MrG and I chatted, he was curious about why we owe the bank so much money, and if I like our house, and can’t we just pay them a thousand dollars every month.

coaching soccer

15 June, 2016

against my better judgment, MrCuddles using the “it’s not fair, you coached Grunty’s and Squeaky’s teams” argument, talked me into coaching his soccer team this fall.

Luckily, I’ll just be assistant coach.



summer reading

14 June, 2016

The childrens signed up for a summer reading program through King County Libraries. Must do more reading, myself as an example, and to and with the childrens. MsS is just barely where she needs to be. MrC is behind. Not sure on MrG. But more reading is good for all.

Hey, did you know there are 48 KC Libraries….I bet one could visit 100 different libraries in a summer… hmmmm. 27 Seattle Public Libraries, 14 UW libraries, 21 Sno-Island libraries,…yeah, totally doable.


13 June, 2016

well…today didn’t pan out as planned

spent about 5 hours tonight, working on the soccer rosters…



12 June, 2016

yes, there were nine children at the house last night…they were mostly quiet around midnight… They were awake by 6am, and wanting to play. At six-thirty and chased them back inside, they were playing basketball. Loudly.

I forgot how quickly kids can eat pancakes. And how popular sausage is. Next time, will serve a bowl of rice, will also premake a bunch more sausage. And…uh…maybe we can buy another griddle. Oh, yogurt cups, that will slow them down. I fear for when they are teenagers.

They ate, played basketball, shot nerf darts from Nerf guns and PVC pipe, picked raspberries, (“kids, I have six raspberry bushes in the front, pick them” they talked me into making jam…So I took some berries, boiled with lots of sugar, thickened with corn starch, and thy had homemade jam with second breakfast.

Oh yeah, last night, they had second dinner, too.

Today MrG had a soccer game.
Then we went to have b-day dinner.
Then to Menchies for desert.

The childrens fell asleep quickly.
MyBetterHalf & I watched Game O’ Thrones with Meighs.

Birthday party

11 June, 2016

Today MrG had his party, we went to bounce place, back home to play on his new basketball hoop (Thanxies neighbor Chuck), to the park … Well it’s 11:30, and MrG is in the room with the talkative kids …I fear he’ll be emotional tomorrow…

MrC and MsS are at friends for the night.

I think there are nine kids in the house.


10 June, 2016

Today, to celebrate his birthday,I spent the day with MrG at his school.

Always impressed by the teaching staff!

Let’s see, I quickly got out at 4-square, at Wall-ball, and dropped passes at football.

I helped at bit in the classroom.

charge the ball

9 June, 2016

MrCuddles has been wanting to play catch with a baseball and mitt. MsSqueaky has been joining in. The other morning we got out of the house quick enough to go play catch at the local soccer field.

But the best, MrGrunty is teaching his little brother. I hear him repeating what he was told by his coaches, “when the ball is rolling towards you, charge the ball and pick it up with your hand to throw it quick”.


8 June, 2016

Last night, we went to school, for the Potlatch hosted by the third grade classes.

I am so very impressed, their school is way better than mine was. The students worked on the Potlatch for weeks, there was great music performance, button blankets, fish traps, food, stories, masks.