yes, there were nine children at the house last night…they were mostly quiet around midnight… They were awake by 6am, and wanting to play. At six-thirty and chased them back inside, they were playing basketball. Loudly.

I forgot how quickly kids can eat pancakes. And how popular sausage is. Next time, will serve a bowl of rice, will also premake a bunch more sausage. And…uh…maybe we can buy another griddle. Oh, yogurt cups, that will slow them down. I fear for when they are teenagers.

They ate, played basketball, shot nerf darts from Nerf guns and PVC pipe, picked raspberries, (“kids, I have six raspberry bushes in the front, pick them” they talked me into making jam…So I took some berries, boiled with lots of sugar, thickened with corn starch, and thy had homemade jam with second breakfast.

Oh yeah, last night, they had second dinner, too.

Today MrG had a soccer game.
Then we went to have b-day dinner.
Then to Menchies for desert.

The childrens fell asleep quickly.
MyBetterHalf & I watched Game O’ Thrones with Meighs.


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