Birthday Party – MsS

MsSqueaky had her birthday party the week after MrG. I think it was better this way, we could focus on one kid and have it be their day, and they could invite more friends over. She wanted to go to PaintTheTown where they painted ceramic figurines, (MrG & MrC also painted. MrG was not to thrilled to be there)

Sad part of the party, MsS was rude to her little brother, who she normally gets along great with and they play lots together, in front of her friends. Luckily, he got to spend the night at his best friend’s house. (MrG also escaped to a friend’s house.)  Speaking of being rude… one girl got hurt feelings because someone called her rude. And spent 30 minutes pouting by herself. BUT…unlike the boys party, nobody climbed fifteen feet into a tree, no one broke any remote controlled toys (MrG lost his helicopter at his party, and someone was trying to stop on MrC car), no balls were kicked over the fence or at windows.

For breakfast I was better organized, didn’t bring them to table until I had flipped the second batch of pancakes. Also offered yogurt, which slowed down their pancake consumption.

A few days later, I found a note that MsS wrote to one of her friends, saying that she heard a boy had a crush on her. I am not ready for crushes. Not, ready. I chatted with MsS, what does having a crush mean, “that you love them”.  MsS asked if I had a crush on MyBetterHalf, I told her, “I still do.” I tried to explain that it is OK to have a crush on someone, and that you shouldn’t tease them, or make fun of them. But, I’m not ready.






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