last weekend

it started with Friday, the President was in town, so I rushed out of work to hopefully beat traffic. Traffic was good, mainly because I was going away from POTUS. Got to the zoo, to pick up the boys, because MsSqueaky and MyBetterHalf were spending the night at the zoo with the GirlScouts. We went to a local diner, where MrGrunty introduced his little brother to the joys of Pigs-in-a-blanket. MrCuddles liked it, and wanted to take some home to share with his mommy and sister. That night, we were going to camp out in the living room. But, the Mariners were on the TV for MrG. It was near the end of the game, M’s were up by 1…relief pitcher…who then walked four batters. Tie game. Then a double. M’s are losing. MrG yelled “FINE, I’m going to bed” and stomped off to his room. (I’m told the M’s actually won this one. Ya never know.)

Saturday…I organized my bookshelf!!!! woo-hoo!  aren’t you jealous. No, really, it’s a big deal for me. Whilst I was doing that, MsS had a playdate with her BFF. MrG went on a hike to a waterfall with his friends. MrC went on a road trip to Vantage with one of his friends.

Sunday… church, we said bye to an associate pastor that we have come to love, and we said bye to a musician who has been an integral part of worship for years. Then, MrC had a birthday party for a friend from pre-school. MsS had her GirlScouts bridging ceremony. And, at that, (I’m thankful for MrG helping) …so, I saved up LOTS of empty cardboard boxes that held the girlscout cookie boxes. We built a wall. The GirlScouts stood on one side, and ran through the wall. It was awesome. Just like the old Kool-Aide commercials from the 70s. Then we rushed off to get MrC, MyBetterHalf went to bookclub, and me and the childrens went to play tennis with friends. Then, after childrens to bed, we watch GameOfThrones.



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