100 Parks

Maybe it’s a bad idea.

Although, sometimes I think I have an OK idea. I want to visit 100 parks this summer. Parks being a free area to rest/relax at outside. Summer being, eh…kinda Memorial Day through Labor Day. I think it’s a good thing. It forces us to visit new places, or places we haven’t been in a while. And I’m even noticing different things at parks we’ve been to lots. Like a wonderful Memorial Garden at Sunset Park. Or a sculpture of  Peruvian Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario in Lake Forrest Park.

The childrens seem to find a way to enjoy each park, exploring, playing a game, playing with each other, running around. I am thinking the novelty of different parks is keeping their spirits up.

MrC is trying to collect as many injuries as he can. He fell out of a tree, and got a huge scrape on his leg, he did a face plant into woodchips at a playground.

Sometimes we have friends join us.

Today, we made it to park #29… but the childrens were very grumpy and tired tonight…was it because they had too much fun at the five parks we visited today? It’s kinda a silly goal, but there are so many parks around here I feel I should take advantage of them.


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