three day weekend

lemme see…what happened over the weekend…Friday night we stayed home to rest.

Saturday morning, I took MrCuddles and his best friend to a local kids-workshop and they built micro-bowling alleys. There was some hammering of small nails. BUT, since weather is nice, we had the hammering outside. Then, they came home, and used MsS old cardboard cookie boxes to build a fort. MsS and MrG joined them. We visited a few parks, and then off to b-day party for a friend of MyBetterHalf at the beach. The childrens were sad they didn’t have their swim suits, and me being a nice  dad, (and wanting ice-cream) went home to get swimsuits (and ice-cream).

Sunday, a low-tide beach walk. MsS’s BFF and MrC’s BFF were there, and soon the four of them found a fort, and were not on the beach, but playing “Native Americans”. Visit some more parks. Then back to the beach for a graduation party.

Monday…6:22AM, my patriotic children yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!”  They left me, I deconstructed junk in the kitchen, and later in the evening visited two different Holiday BBQs.




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