Very Short Introduction: African American Religion

Once again, an well written book in the Very Short Introduction series, Eddie S. Glaude Jr’s “African American Relgion”.

A quick quote, from a Swedish traveler in ~1750, “It is …to be pitied, that the masters of these negroes in most of the English colonies take little care of their spiritual welfare, and let them live in Pagan darkness. There are even some, who would be very ill pleased at, and would by all means hinder their negroes from being instructed in the doctrines of Christianity; to this they are partly led by the conceit of its being shameful, to have a spiritual brother or sister among so despicable a people…”

Or course, it points me to others to read…so, on my ever growing list:

  • Jacquelyn Grant
  • James Cone
  • Delores Williams

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3 Responses to “Very Short Introduction: African American Religion”

  1. JustMeLeena Says:

    I have a very excellent book by James Cone you can borrow (I have hard copy and believe I have Kindle version as well). Truly a short read and not like that one other book I gave you! Plus it is about Aftican American Theology expressed through music. The Spirituals and the Blues. 130 pages of not too tiny print.

    • :-jon Says:

      Great! I’d like to borrow. BTW… am I morally obligated to give back those theology books to the church library?

  2. JustMeLeena Says:

    Ugh. African rather than Aftican.

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