driving lessons

This morning, we got the childrens to quickly clean their rooms, and then me & the childrens went to West Seattle while MyBetterHalf went to watch the Sounders.

The big thing that MrCuddles was looking forward to was renting a bike-mobile, like me and the boys did last Spring. MrG was tall enough this year, MsS is same height as MrG was last year, so just barely can she pedal. We told MsS of the mistakes we made, (MrG almost falling off and under the bike, MrC getting his foot caught in the chain). We got to a park, and the childrens each had a turn to drive and steer, while I provided power. A lot of me “go left…straighten out please…go right go right…now left…” MsS was scared at first, and didn’t want to steer, but had fun once she got the hang of it. MrCuddles did alright steering, but was laughing every time we went into the grass because I had to pedal harder. MrG talked me into letting him steer most of the way back. We pretended the MrC was a coxswain, and he call out “give me power ten!”

We had a burgers.

We played on the beach. Well, I mostly sat and felt warm sand between my toes, they made a smooth path to a hole in the sand, and lined it with a sand berm that they topped with small white stones.

We had ice-cream.

They practiced jumping off a six feet tall concrete into the sand. MrG was first, an nervous, but soon made the leap. MsS was very scared, but after her finally taking a jump she wanted to jump again. MrC, quickly jumped when he finished his ice-cream.

Then to a local park. They played. I watched, or read signs about early days of Alki history.

Then home.

And now they are watching a movie with MyBetterHalf.


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