camp advice

this morning, things went well, as the usually do… Pro-tip to parents of toddlers, things are so much better when you can tell them to “get shoes on, pack your lunch and read while I shower”. Wow…I remember how crazy mornings were with pre-schoolers. Yeah, most progress we make, because they are growing up, not because of anything that I do. I bet there’s a life lesson there for me!

Anyway… MrGrunty and MsSqueaky were giving MrCuddles advice about camp. For this year he’s with the “big-kids”… they were telling him on what to do in locker-room, “most important, DON’T go into the girls locker-room”  …”And I don’t want you to drown, so you should listen to the staff”, what to do during swimming, what to do during announcements. “You can go on the slide into the pool, it’s lots of fun!”

And what made my heart smile, MrG asked his little brother, “do you want to eat lunch with me today?”


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