the childrens slept in kinda late considering it was a sleep over

MrCuddles and his friend and MyBetterHalf went off to a Mariners game, to get a bobble-head.

Me, MrGrunty and MsSqueaky went north to a vegetable farm where we picked potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, beans, peas, beats, peppers. Got a big bag of fresh produce for pretty cheap. MrG said, “I want to come here again with the whole family.”  MsS told me, “I thought it was going to be boring, but it was actually kinda fun.”

Then MrG and MsS went to a classmates b-day party. They were kinda not really wanting to go…but one of MsS ran up and gave her a hug as soon as she walked in, and right away MsS was playing with the kids. MrG hung back, was shy, not really participating…but after a while, the b-day boy started playing ball with him, and MrG was laughing and having fun.

On way back home we got an invite to a BBQ… so I spent the evening sitting around fire, chatting with friends, eating s’mores.



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