I’m getting too old for this

So….woke up leisurely…tried to figure out where we would be blueberry picking today.

Then rushed MrG to a his friend’s church. Rushed to our church.

Our youth intern, on her way to seminary in South Carolina, preached on the text of Jonah. Part that stuck with me, when Jonah was pissed that the tree died, God said, “you did nothing to make it grow.”  That has recently happened to me, grumpy about a change that I had nothing to do with.  (MsSqueaky’s soccer coach is stepping down, because his daughter is going to dance instead. I’ll miss him, he is a great coach.)

We took A with us, and rushed off to pick up MrG and his friend. I need to spend more time with A. He is a boy, who is filled with joy. I love listening to his laugh. I hope that first grade doesn’t dampen his attitude. We picked for a bit, then rushed to take MsS to a birthday party.

Home…A & A got picked up…and MrG went off to a BBQ. Then MyBetterHalf (she ran a race this morning) took MrCuddles, I had a few minutes of quiet to read. Nope, no chores.

MsS, MrC & MBH returned, and my daughter was pissed because she didn’t want to leave her friends. In a bit, she and MrC were painting outside. (A great day to paint, well, if you want the paint to dry quickly, that is.)

Then we rushed off to pickup some friends for tennis.

MrG eventually joined us.

MrG…playing in flip-flops…was doing some good hits with Kev-the-tennis-player.

Had fun serving to MrC, he was even returning some back to me!

My favorite part of the day, MsS had to go potty, we went looking…had a nice chat on our walk. Need to do more one-on-one walks with the childrens. She didn’t want to play tennis, but instead was playing by herself on the playground: that she was a vet, and she came from work, she had two kids, and lived in a mansion, and there were two guest rooms, and there were even a couple secret rooms in her mansion. She says she likes watching baseball now, because she learned to like it watching her brother play.



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