poop on a stick

lost in the noise I saw this tiny tidbit…

ISIS claims responsibility for German train attack.

Wow, that can be devastating, trains are really important to transportation infrastructure…oh, a passenger train. Well, OK, still scary, I mean you have all those people in one place a bomb or a gun could kill a lot… just injuries? Really… why is that… because they used an ax?  What the … who promoted a 13 year old DungeonMaster to a leadership role in ISIS?  C’mon, I want to be afraid for my civilization… not joking about Orcs-on-a-train.

Really this is the best you can do, ISIS?
This is what is threatening to defeat America, a dude with an ax?

OK… I get it… you go to war with the weapons you have,…but if all you have is an ax, and your target is a train… what about using that ax to chop up some rail-ties and try to derail the train?

This just in… I hear that ISIS is now training their fighters in the use of pointy sticks with poo on them. “We now have acquired weapons that the infidels can not detect with their metal detectors!”

Update from CIA… “The Central Intelligence Agency is reaching out to the tech community, asking for suggestions on how to detect poop.”   Assistant Director Reek knows a solution to Operation We Are Fighting Terror (WAFT) will be sniffed out.

Republican candidate says: “Clearly we are at a disadvantage of having poop on sticks against our enemies. This administration has let us become weak, and our enemies will take advantage. We must increase our defense budget. Our soldiers need the most advanced poop.”

Democratic candidate says: “What we need to do is make sure that every person who buys a battle ax has a thorough background check and is properly vetted. I understand, I like chopping things just as much as the next guy, for example, I chopped celery for my tofu-salad just the other day.”


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