the Republican nominee for Leader of the Free World is threatening to not uphold our treaty obligations to NATO.

Don’t know.


I’m surprised the GOP is leaning this way. They don’t consider Russia a strategic threat? They weren’t invited to the annual Lithuanian Culture Night? They want to turn the US Military into a profit-making enterprise? Why the switch, Republicans? Why all the sudden want to go back on a very successful partnership?

Here’s what I’m thinking…  Trump never played a fair game of RISK or chess* as a kid. That he “won” because he was the spoiled rich brat. Because a rudimentary knowledge of strategic games would show, if you are gonna fight, best to do it some place else. Especially away from your industrial complexes.

yeah…yeah…sure… they don’t spend the proper amount of cash on their military.

But, as one small example, a benefit of belonging to NATO… I am not worried about sneak attacks from the North, because we have Canada covered. I’m not worried about sneak attacks from East, because we have that covered. From North and East, any attacker would lose surprise, and would have to count the cost of fighting through thousands of miles before they even reach America.  (How’s that supply train, bad-guys?)   [And South Korea, Japan Australia… protecting our West.]

Here’s my suggestion, next time you nominate a game show host to be the President of the United States, how about one that has categories such as “History”  and “Geography”, so you won’t be so ignorant.

*I can just see the chess games that he played… “I don’t care about my pawns, they are worthless and weak”

**Risk…”why do I care about Kamchatka?”

*** Axis & Allies “Yakut is only worth one, who cares.”



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