Weird Al

I have the utmost respect for Weird Al Yankovic and his band. Great musicians and entertainers. Great song writers. And sometimes, his parody makes the song better. For instance “Word Crimes”

MyBetterHalf and I went to see him like a decade ago at the Paramont Theater.

This week we took the childrens to see him at the zoo. I think they liked it. But I’m getting too old to be sitting on the grass for a hours. And the Paramount had better acoustics.

MsS had trouble seeing the stage.
MrC wanted Dippin’Dots. [I do not like Dippin’Dots. They are messy, they don’t taste good, they’re expensive. I dislike them so much, I’ve instructed the childrens they can only have them when I’m not around.]

MrG and I had a nice chat on the walk back to my car. “Papa, I’m pretty good at defense” he told me regarding his football camp. Just the other day I told him he’s like Richard Sherman, watching, observing, thinking, and being in the right place at the right time.


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