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31 August, 2016

Wednesday fav things:

MyBetterHalf at Multnomah Falls.

MsS taking photos of waterfalls as we drive past.

MrG singing along with pop songs.

MrC scampering along the rocks and roots on a hillside by Horsetail Falls.


30 August, 2016


I worry …my childrens played hide and seek in a one room hotel room, many times today. There’s not that many places to hide! But they laughed lots.

This morning we went tithe beach. MyBetterHalf went to sit by the ocean and read. The childrens played: Salt factory, they set up stations, with shells, sand, charred wood…”American salt is very hot…I sold five big, two medium and four small salt…
…Everything is closed now, we are going to lunch…”

Late afternoon back to hotel to rest, they are making up card games for each other. They’re being quiet, nice, thoughtful, kind…it’s great to watch.

Now, they’re sitting on steps of hotel eating seaweed.

We went swimming. They had lots of fun shooting baskets in the pool.

Happy Anniversary

29 August, 2016


On the road again. We stopped in Lincoln City, the childrens bought things, MsS got a gem tower, MrG a ball of copper, MrC a shark tooth necklace.

In the car MsS and MrC were playing with stuffed animals, MrG asked if he could play too. They’re talking aboot what jobs they do, MrC “I get a lot of money because I have two jobs”. MrG “I do track and field.” MsS is a tai kwon do teacher.

…and, hundred miles later, we are at a park and they are racing each other down a pair of toddler slides.

Happy Anniversary to MyBetterHalf.


28 August, 2016

Yaquina Bay State Park

The childrens invented a game…involved running into the surf, waiting for a wave, running backwards to shore, jumping over the wave, then sprinting to beach. They are a team. They are the Tsunami. They have a cheer: “The T is silent, TSUNAMI !!!”

“It was so funny when MrG fell down” MrC said. MsS added, “mommy I wish you saw it!” MrG agreed, “yeah and I got so wet”

At the last beach we visited, I told them to stay out of the water. They presented the following:
MrG: We want to exercise not relax.
MsS:You’re supposed to get sandy and wet at the beach.
MrC:We want to have fun.

So, I let them, they got soaked and were freezing at dinner in the air conditioned restaurant.

Saturday beach

27 August, 2016

Saturday MrC and MsS woke at six, excited to go to Oregon.

Tonight, they got to play on a beach of sand, with dunes they scampered up, and then slid down or jumped down, and they tempted the waves but ran away squealing. MrG called it the best beach in the world.


26 August, 2016

practice, we had a boy (the main coach’s son) kick his ball on the roof

in a scrimage, the main coach’s son, did a pass to MrCuddles, and MrC was actually moving towards the goal, and he took the shot. He barely missed, but wow, a pass to a team mate, and a quick shot. Good job boys.

After, post-practice-pizza-party-in the park for MsS soccer team. That was my idea. To try and get to know parents better. (I’m terrible w/ names)

I pissed off a very sleepy MrG, because I messed up his Rubik’s cube that he was trying to solve.

soccer coaching

25 August, 2016

On the way to soccer practice yesterday, I was very excited, and praying that traffic would be kind enough for me to go nine miles in 45 minutes.

After soccer practice,  was hoping that I didn’t just [bleep] up.

I didn’t want to coach, but MrCuddles was kind enough to point out, “you coached MrG and you coached MsS.” So, I’m coaching a bunch of seven year olds. Well, lucky for me I’m the assistant coach.

Recently we were talking, MyBetterHalf told MrG …maybe he could be the assistant coach. MrC, who has been listening to me, piped in, “then you would have to make the coach coffee.”

(Also, as another sign they do listen to me sometimes, the other day was playing basketball w/ MrG, the ball went bouncing over the side rail of the deck, and deadpan MrG says, “should’ve dove for it”.)


previously in sermons

24 August, 2016

OK, I still want the job of “Previously on Lost…” That show…I tell you what…it was fun for awhile, and then…well as Q once said, “All good thing must come to an end Jean-Luc Picard.”

Previously at Church my friend sermonized. The text, the parable of the sower. Now, back when I was a small child, I wondered, what kind of soil was I? Because I didn’t see myself giving back twenty or thirty fold. In fact, if I was honest, I was like the rocky soil, because sure I had enthusiasm at sermon time, or at youth rally time…but, Monday, the cares of the world would choke out care for God. Yup. Guilt. Nope, not Catholic. (Side note, I do want to be Catholic, kinda… srsly, belonging to a 2000 year old institution? But, well, not that I really agree with all they say…and, yes, I’m still a little bitter aboot the Fourth Crusade.)

This past Sunday, MrG was asking about church logistics, where do they get their money, what is the pastors job, what do they spend the money on?


more stories in stupidity

23 August, 2016

continuing my stories of stupid things I’ve done… like placing hand in garbage disposal

Back in the food service day, there was a clogged drain, which is not good… and I figured, why spend money calling the plumber, when I know some basic chemistry? I knew that Drano is nasty stuff, and burns out the clog. But didn’t have any. But I did have bleach and ammonia. So, I mixed them both, knowing a violent chemical reaction would occur. It was just like living in a WWI trench, hot, humid, wet feet, tired, the feeling of your eyes & lungs being damaged.

Pro-tip. While it did make the kitchen dangerous, it did not unclog the drain. And in case you were wondering, sometimes it is proper professional vernacular when a plumber calls you a “dumb shit”.


yesterday’s sermon

22 August, 2016

sometimes, when there is a new preacher you get something different from a familiar text…

yesterday’s text was about Jesus feeding the 5000…

And of course, I was thinking about the logistics… OK, he had 12 workers, 5000 customers, …that’s about 400 customers per worker, let’s see, if you spend six seconds per customer… “here’s your bread, here’s your fish, thank you have a nice day” of course you’re gonna get the customer who wants the “un-miraculous entrée”, which will slow things down…anyway, should be able to get that line through the door in about 45 minutes. Not bad, Jesus, not bad.

But then the left overs issue… Jesus, when we have 12 baskets of leftovers, that really shows me you need to get better at predicting your meal counts. We can try to make space for this in the refrigerator, maybe we can call a charity to take it away, but processing all that left over food is also a drag on your labor costs.

yes, I’m horrible.