grumpy commute

most of the time, I commute home near the end of Seattle rush hour traffic.

Sometimes, like tonight, I get to commute in rush hour… and then I discover I need gas, but the gas station doesn’t have working pumps, and then miss my turn off, still need gas, find a gas station, get back on the road, circling back, my lane seems really quick – YIKES I’m in a buss lane, back into grid lock, oh wait I need to turn off here, …actually, that was the wrong turn (again), OK, finally get on the road I want, gas in the tank… detour. What the what… where am I, no real space to pull off to the side, and check my phone/map, darn the phone map is tiny, and keeps going to power save every 60 seconds, I don’t actually have the address because allegedly I know how to get there…

I’m sure I’ll call tonight’s commute a comedy of errors in a few days.

On the plus side, we had dinner as a family on a Wednesday night.

On the double-plus-good side, I got to read a couple pages of first Harry Potter book to the childrens tonight.



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