this morning

We were looking at pictures of Bill Gates’s house, and MrGrunty asked me, “who has the best life.” I told him I do, because I have three wonderful kids. He didn’t understand. I tried to explain to MrG by saying that if someone would give me $100 billion, but I could never see him again, I would tell them to go away. I would rather have MY MrGrunty than a $100 billion.

Later, when asked, MsSqueaky said she would not give up Oliver-kitty for a million dollars. MrG tried to explain, “but we could go buy another cat!”

I’m proud of MrCuddles. Yesterday he went shirtless and got sunburnt during a water-balloon fight. This morning, on his own initiative, he was putting on sunscreen onto his shoulders and back. (I have to remind him to put on shoes!)

On the way to VBS, I listened happily to the childrens talking about their business plan. They are going to craft bracelets, and shapes, letters and animals out of “bands” and sell. MsS suggested they also sell ice-cream at the same time and asked me about getting some. MrC said, “no, S, we will use just our money.” When talking about things to braid, MrC said, “I can be the signer, because I want to be a designer when I grow up.” His big brother was happy to agree, “OK, you tell us what to make.” They are going to make sales status phone calls to MsS BFF-from-Church. They discussed when they will be open…”It will be hard to do this on school days.” MsS added “lets just do this Spring and Summer so we can sell ice-cream.”




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