music matters

so… recently I told the childrens, of a game that me, MyBetterHalf & Pablo would play on the long drive to Spokane. We all loved music. But different music. Everyone had the option to say “skip” to any song, but they could not skip again until the other two people had used a skip. So, a mediocre song, you might stick with, because what if the next one was worse.

Tonight, after biking at the park, the childrens quickly used up their skips. I was the only one who had a skip. And the song on the radio was Def Leppard’s “Bringing on the Heartache”. They were not happy that I didn’t skip the song. They were not amused that I sang along with the guitar solo and chorus. Loudly.

Hopefully they learned a lesson.

BTW… Def Leppard, my first “real” concert back in 1987 in the Tacoma Dome.



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