Back, when I was a small child, we lived across the street from a kid called Scooter. For fun, we would gather local kids and have pinecone fights in the alleyway behind his house. There was a small area between the garage and the tall fence where people would sometimes sneak, but if you were caught, it was bad, because you would be stuck as an easy target and the area was so tight you couldn’t get a good throw in to defend yourself. Another popular place, or base, was the shed. It was only about four feet tall. So easy to pelt the fools stuck between the shed and the fence.

Later, I went to a different school, and then we moved to a new neighborhood, and I saw Scooter less and less.

In the early 90s, he drove up to Seattle to visit me one night. And he drove me around in his nice car, while we blasted SoundGarden (my choice).

One time, for some reason, we were wondering about bikes and gyroscopes…and spent the day running between the library and the garage taking apart bikes and doing experiments.

The last time  I saw him was at my wedding…what was that, like 18 years ago.

Thankfully, due to TheFacebook, were able to recently reconnect and catch up a tiny bit.

He died yesterday.

Rest in peace my friend, you were always there for me.





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