yesterday’s sermon

sometimes, when there is a new preacher you get something different from a familiar text…

yesterday’s text was about Jesus feeding the 5000…

And of course, I was thinking about the logistics… OK, he had 12 workers, 5000 customers, …that’s about 400 customers per worker, let’s see, if you spend six seconds per customer… “here’s your bread, here’s your fish, thank you have a nice day” of course you’re gonna get the customer who wants the “un-miraculous entrée”, which will slow things down…anyway, should be able to get that line through the door in about 45 minutes. Not bad, Jesus, not bad.

But then the left overs issue… Jesus, when we have 12 baskets of leftovers, that really shows me you need to get better at predicting your meal counts. We can try to make space for this in the refrigerator, maybe we can call a charity to take it away, but processing all that left over food is also a drag on your labor costs.

yes, I’m horrible.




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