previously in sermons

OK, I still want the job of “Previously on Lost…” That show…I tell you what…it was fun for awhile, and then…well as Q once said, “All good thing must come to an end Jean-Luc Picard.”

Previously at Church my friend sermonized. The text, the parable of the sower. Now, back when I was a small child, I wondered, what kind of soil was I? Because I didn’t see myself giving back twenty or thirty fold. In fact, if I was honest, I was like the rocky soil, because sure I had enthusiasm at sermon time, or at youth rally time…but, Monday, the cares of the world would choke out care for God. Yup. Guilt. Nope, not Catholic. (Side note, I do want to be Catholic, kinda… srsly, belonging to a 2000 year old institution? But, well, not that I really agree with all they say…and, yes, I’m still a little bitter aboot the Fourth Crusade.)

This past Sunday, MrG was asking about church logistics, where do they get their money, what is the pastors job, what do they spend the money on?



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