soccer coaching

On the way to soccer practice yesterday, I was very excited, and praying that traffic would be kind enough for me to go nine miles in 45 minutes.

After soccer practice,  was hoping that I didn’t just [bleep] up.

I didn’t want to coach, but MrCuddles was kind enough to point out, “you coached MrG and you coached MsS.” So, I’m coaching a bunch of seven year olds. Well, lucky for me I’m the assistant coach.

Recently we were talking, MyBetterHalf told MrG …maybe he could be the assistant coach. MrC, who has been listening to me, piped in, “then you would have to make the coach coffee.”

(Also, as another sign they do listen to me sometimes, the other day was playing basketball w/ MrG, the ball went bouncing over the side rail of the deck, and deadpan MrG says, “should’ve dove for it”.)



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