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Kate Tempest “Don’t Fall In”

19 October, 2016

song of the now, Kate Tempest “Don’t Fall In

the music is hypnotic

the lyrics are awesome


And they will run to the highest hill

Consult the old books

Ask the dead mystics for wisdom they don’t trust



17 October, 2016

the childrens were away, MyBetterHalf and I watched “Sisters”


sad and upset

16 October, 2016

I found, MsSqueaky’s yearbook outside. Soaked. And basically destroyed because of the rains.

I’m sad, because I’m sentimental.

I’m upset, because kids are supposed to pick up their stuff. And, maybe, not take valuable things outside.



13 October, 2016

let’s see… the Seattle region is expecting a huge windstorm. I hope the neighbor’s tree don’t fall on our house. Or anyone’s. It’s a big tree. It leans. It’s on a hill. The ground is soggy.

Tonight, had ice-cream, each of the childrens picked a flavor for me.



8 October, 2016

late this summer, I noticed a peculiar plant growing in the flower bed… was that what I thought it was… I let it grow.

Yes. It was a sunflower. We think a critter planted the seed, because none of us did.

It started late, it’s in a poor location (being in shadow afternoon for the rest of the day), but that little sunflower kept growing. Kept trying. Within the past week, with drizzle and grey, it has finally pushed open the golden flower. Ready to make seeds. I haven’t seen bees for weeks. But that little sunflower, now more than six feet tall, just makes me smile.

You go sunflower!


2 October, 2016

Forgot to mention, last weekend after harvesting… the childrens were hungry. I wanted to go some place new. (That is our goal on vacations, eat at places we’ve never been to before.)

There was a Phở  resturaunt.

The childrens liked the soup. We talked about Vietnam, about different kinds of food they have tried. (MrG orginally ordered Bánh mì… but wanted the soup when he saw what MsS and MrC got.)

(Personally, I’m not a fan of Phở.)

Last weekend

1 October, 2016

soccer, MrG and MsS had mirror image shots, where it the ball clanged loudly off the goal post. I am happily finding out that MsS has gotten better at soccer since last year. When/How? I dunno. MrC…so much fun watching him, he’s getting involved, being assertive, learning.

Teaching Bible class to a new young group (…I’m learning that all my tricks that I used for my fifth grades, that I spent several year teach…well, I need new tricks.)

But…my favorite part, MsS told me as we were picking beans at the local farm. “I didn’t want to come here. I’m glad we did. I really like harvesting.”  We also picked corn, zucchini, chard,…