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9 November, 2016

on a recent Saturday: Me and MsS had a nice time watching a hummingbird outside our front window. Later that day, MrG and I were talking about the USMC, I told him that sometimes America needs to send people to very dangerous places, and one of the groups is the Marines, that I think he would be a good Marine because he’s athletic, smart and good, that Marines are “the best friend you could have, and the worst enemy you could have”, and that if he decided to be part of the USMC I would be very proud of him. That morning, MrC, as he is likely to do, ran downstairs to climb into bed with his mommy as soon as he realized what day it was. When I went in the room, he covered himself up, I said, “oh no, there’s a blanket monster next to you” to MyBetterHalf. She agreed. “I know,” I said, picking up a wand, “I will use this wand to turn the blanket monster into a boy” and tapped the blankets. MrC threw the blankets off and sat up, exclaimed “it worked!!”

Sunday stories: MrG had his soccer game, his team is getting better at passing, I’m enjoying watching the boys grow, MrG got a goal from his favorite spot, about ten feet in from the right corner. Once, when we got a goal, MrG told me “I feel sorry for the goal, that was a lucky shot”  (Empathy? MrG seems happier when his friend gets a goal than when he gets one.)  MsS had a game on a very muddy field, (although last year she had games on worse fields), she got yelled at by her goalie, who was barking out instructions/encouragement and MsS refused to go back in. Has she come to the end, is the competition too much. I really hope she continues. She’s friends with most of the team since first grade. She told people it was too muddy, but I don’t think that’s what it was, I think it was her goalie yelling. As goalies are wont to do. MrCuddles told me of a game he plays: “Me and mommy play a game. She blows me a kiss and says, ‘I kissed you’ and then I say ‘you missed!'” he explained while laughing.

Monday: It was almost time to leave the house for school, and the childrens wanted me out of the living room so they could give me a surprise. I don’t really like surprises. They said I would like it. MrC added, “it’s not that good of a surprise, but you’ll like it.” But we were doing OK, so I let them continue for a moment. Soon, the beckoned me back. “Surprise” they were all in coats, with shoes on, and back packs on totally ready to go. That was nice. I smiled and said thank you. MsS then said, “we cleaned the living room, too!”  Thank you. MrG being honest, “but just a little bit.”  That’s good, a little bit helps out.



voting for Secretary Clinton

8 November, 2016

I’m voting for Secretary Clinton today, because I want to send a message:

  • Yes to NATO
  • Yes to trade negotiations
  • Yes for a woman’s right to choose
  • Yes to addressing climate change

I am amazed that Donald is her opponent. Skipping the personal reasons against him, going on his policy suggestions (which seem to change frequently)

  • I am against his proposed “extreme vetting of Muslims”
  • I am against his proposed “ten foot wall”
  • No, there should not be “some form of punishment” for women who have had an abortion
  • Saying a Judge is not qualified because of where his parents were born is wrong
  • “Keep the oil” it wrong
  • I am against torture, and targeting families of suspected terrorists
  • I am against nuclear proliferation