Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Sport’s Fans!

So… I resolve to:

  • Read More.
  • Write More.
  • Rock More.

Two things might…just might… (note the sarcasm)…maybe, might possibly help with those goals.

  • Less computer.
  • Less late nights.

Reading: Looks like 2014 was my best year for books read, thirty seven. Admittedly, most were short (but excellent) Very Short Introduction series. Also, looking back, was it that long ago that I started on my Byzantium kick. Wow, time flies.

Writing: I will blog more. Because I like looking back at cute stories of my babies. And maybe someday they will also be amused. AND…I foolishly promised two friends a copy of a NaNoWriMo that I started back in November, (don’t worry, I didn’t get very far). I’m at like 15,000 words, and I need to finish by Februrary (sic) 30th (sic).   Note: I didn’t resolve to edit more.

Rocking: playing/creating more music. And this I can do with my childrens now, so what’s stopping me?!?  First step, a book of “100 melodies”…which I will transcribe from memory. Something I should have done way back in fourth grade, but I didn’t know. I strongly believe that more time should be kids learning on their own how to make the sounds they want, and less on scales. Taking a page from the “let them play” philosophy of our local soccer club. For instance, show the kid middle C on the keyboard. Then say, “how do you play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, and of course it will be difficult, (it still is for me), but learning how to make the instrument sound play the sounds in your head, that should be the point. So, this book… I want to use for my guitar “students”…I’m not really a teacher, but I can give you a few pointers. Playing a C – G – D progression is difficulty, the guitar was not made for human hands. But, one can play a melody on one string, one learns how to control left & right hand, one learns rhythm, one gets ear training, and one gets an end product that an amateur audience (i.e., most people have no idea how difficult a first position F chord is to play on guitar) can appreciate. Also, if only played on one string, then tuning is not so important, (for THIS stage). I can use this “100 melodies” for the childrens ukulele (using only one string) and keyboard (using only white keys).  Little, easy, successes.

Less computer: This I can quantify, but I’m too embarrassed / lazy to look up how much time I wasted on the internets last year. And srsly, why? All of my “research” didn’t change my vote. All of my “arguments” didn’t change anyone else’s vote. My great Madden team and its accomplishments, yeah, so what. My awesome Minecraft world, so what. However, playing Minecraft with my childrens, in the same world, using teamwork: that’s cool.

Less Late Nights: I’m getting…no…I am too old to be staying up late. It’s funny, I realize, I know, I take proactive steps so that my childrens get the benefits of a good nights sleep. (So they can “learn, rest & grow”.)  You would think I would use the same logic on me. So I’ll try.





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