unorthodox chess openings

Hey SportsFans! my iPhone has a chess ap chess ap… I’m doing alright against level 1400.

To mix things up, to not get in a rut, to be less predictable, I’ve been practicing some unorthodox openings.

I don’t play by memorizing opening sequences. I think there are too many. I play by trying to get tiny advantages, until I have a one pawn lead, then trade pieces until it’s me and a pawn -vs- a king. And that I can usually win.

I try to make the opponent react to me. If I can get them to undo a move they just made, good.

I try to push forward, the more territory I control, the better.

I sometimes have a plan of a certain piece to capture, but if that’s working, no worry.

AND…I try…well, I should try to remember, to slowdown, watch, think. I’m usually undone by one foolish mistake. (Usually on the ap, if I go back to that one mistake, I can finish with a win.)  What can the moved piece attack? Did it open another attack route? What is computer trying to do?

the openings I chose, mostly because alphabetical and cool sounding:

  • Ammonia – Nh3
  • Benko – g3
  • Clemenz – h3
  • Durkin – Na3
  • Grob – g4
  • Polish – b4
  • Van’t Kruijis – e3
  • Ware – a4

Against the 1150 level, I am worst with Ammonia, best with Polish.

BTW…MrG and I were following the Carlsen -v- Karjakin match.

I told my children a story from my chess team days. Right before we were to play, Tim’s opponent came up to him and she asked him, “do you know the Dusseldorf Opening?” Tim panicked. He was asking us. We didn’t know it. We had a couple chess books. OMG, the Dusseldorf Opening wasn’t in there!  Tim was freaking out. He lost quickly. A few days later, (before the days of the internet), we discovered to our chagrin, there is no such opening. He got tricked!

(MrG was impressed that I was the #2 player in my Jr High School. I told him my friend, Cham, was #1, and I never beat him.)


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