church this morning

I was pleasantly surprised to see this


I’ve watch the children of the church work on the pieces of this for a few weeks. This morning, large and all together, it brought joy to my heart.

This morning, while celebrating the Lord’s Supper, our pastor invited us saying that if we feel we are like James & John, fighting to be first, or if we feel like we are Judas, knowing what horrible thing we’ve done, we are still welcome to partake of the Lord’s Supper. I need to hear that, from time to time.

Something I’ve been wondering aboot. There seems to be two schools of thought… regarding how one should dress when going to church. One school, is “dress the way you would dress if you were going to have dinner with a King.” The other is “come as you are”.  Our church is srsly in the come as you are camp.  Our pastor tells the story of when her daughter was young, she hated going to church because she had to wear a dress, and she hated wearing a dress because “when you wear a dress the wind goes where it’s not supposed to.”  She and her daughter then shopping for nice church pants. But, if we take this question a bit further… should we view God as our King…or God as our Heavenly Father.  Now I don’t know much, but I’m thinking that we treat a King, different than we treat our dad. One rules over us. One loves us.  I guess I’m more in the God as our Heavenly Father, camp. And I (usually) don’t put on a tie when I go visit my dad in SouthTacoma.



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