brown shoes

…it’s been awhile since I had brown shoes. Come to think of it, I think the last time was like, 4th grade, I vividly remember trying to fit in, trying to play soccer, in the middle of the scrum, not knowing what I was doing but kicking at the ball, and evidently I was bad, because one of the cool kids cried out “ouch, get those whomper-stompers outta here!”  Which, we all thought was funny.

Anyway, last night, I took the childrens shopping. And I just gotta say, it was alright. They didn’t complained. They helped. It was alright.

And now I have brown shoes, which are like WAY better than the ones I foolishly kept wearing for a couple months. Falling apart. No support. No cushion. No traction. What the heck, I know that it is important to have happy feet!

I think my other shoes were retired right around Halloween…


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