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Matthew 5

23 February, 2017

The text was Matthew 5:38-48.

Ways to resist, without being evil.

When “turn the other cheek”, back then, you would backhand a social inferior as a rebuke. When turning the other cheek, you are telling them, we are equals, if you want to hit me, hit me with your fist. I demand the same respect as you.

When “give them your second cloak” in Roman society, nudity was a shame for those that saw it, not for the naked.



22 February, 2017

on a lark, without warning, I took the childrens to see LegoBatman.

It was over-the-top, loud, bright, action packed, and almost enuff jokes for the parents in the audience.

The childrens enjoyed it.

Nowadays, I seem to prefer a silly cartoon fight scene to serious special-effects live action one. A cartoon is easier to suspend my disbelief.


Kyrie and the Flat Earth

20 February, 2017

Hey SportsFans…evidently Kyrie Irving said he believes the earth is flat at an NBA All-Star press conference. OK…lemme see… uh… this is the best explanation for Kyrie’s Flat Earth:

LeBron: “Hey Kyrie”
Kyrie: “Yes boss”
LeBron: “You know how the media is, and how they are gonna keep hounding us about Kevin’s knee?”
Kyrie: “Yes sir”
LeBron: “That could get to be a distraction to the team”
Kyrie: “But he is injured…”
LeBron: “I need you to set a screen. Let the media talk about something else for a while”
Kyrie: “Like what?”
LeBron: “Be creative, didn’t they teach you that in college?”
Kyrie: “Well, I guess…”
LeBron: “Kyrie, and remember what our goal is”
Kyrie: “To win you a champion….”
[LeBron clears his throat.}
Kyrie, hurriedly, “…I mean, we are here to bring a championship to the great people of Cleveland.”
[LeBron smiles]
Kyrie, “Thank you for this opportunity, Sir. Please don’t trade me to Minnesota.”




LeBron: “Kyrie”
Kyrie: “Yes Sir?”
LeBron: “For real?”
Kyrie: “I did what you said.”
LeBron: “I need my point guard to be intelligent.”
Kyrie: “But…what could I have…”
LeBron: “Punched a mascot, like Rodman. Spilled a soda on the floor, like Kidd. Claim to have slept with 10,000 women, like Wilt. Bitched about the refs, like Cuban…”
Kyrie: “But if I complain about the refs, they might fine me a couple thousand dollars…”
LeBron, shaking his head, calls out: “Yo Kev, what’s the Winter heating costs in Minnesota?”
Kevin Love: “Please don’t send me back there! I’ll be fine by the second round of the playoffs. I promise. I’ll come back like Mr Reed did in ’70.”
Kyrie: “who’s Reed?”
LeBron, glowering at Kyrie: “Read. A. Book.”
LeBron turning to Kevin: “You played with Westbrook at UCLA, what do you think?”
KevinLove: “Sir, I don’t think Westbrook would fit in with the Cleveland system. If I may, Sir. How difficult is it to be a point guard in the Cleveland System? The density of your play warps space time to make it easier to get assists, by passing to you, or have an open three because you’re double teamed. And…”
LeBron: “You just make that up? That space-time thing?”
KevinLove: “No sir, been think about it a while. I was reading books, like you told me to, and I was reading Stephen Hawking, and…”
LeBron: “It’s stupid.”
KevinLove: “I’ll never mention it again. I forgot, this team is not about any one player. We are here to win a championship for the wonderful city of Cleveland.”
KevinLove, thinking: [So glad I didn’t say it at a press conference.]

Antarctica: A Very Short Introduction

18 February, 2017

pretty good…or should I say standard for the high quality I’ve come to expect from the Very Short Introduction series.

I was hoping a bit more for the biology of Antarctica, but was educated about the geo-politics. It is kinda amazing the world is taking the “lets all just get along, and not trash this place” attitude. Kinda. Sorta.


17 February, 2017

MrCuddles did some quick bathroom cleaning, MrG made me an egg sandwhich, MsS swept the floor. Then we watched “Home Alone 2”. After I chatted with them about special effects, and stunt people, and MsS and I demonstrated stunts hits to the boys. MrC was very excited that we will make a chart, of each movie we see, and who picked it, and we will post it on the wall. After, MrG got me talking aboot basketball, and he stayed up past his bedtime because of it.

The Star of Kazan

15 February, 2017

Finished Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson. A fairy tale set in early 20th Century Vienna.

There was a section, where Annika cooks the Christmas carp…and I want to eat it. Great descriptions of cooking.

Also, a good description of music in a scene.


The Eagle Huntress

14 February, 2017

I was very happy that I got to take the childrens to see “The Eagle Huntress“.

I sat next to MsSqueaky, and so heard most of her immediate comments. The thought it “rude” when they captured the young eagle. And she felt sorry for the fox, that they were hunting. MrC explained, “if they don’t hunt the fox, then they will starve.”  I did leant towards MsS and say, “see, all moms are like that” about Aisholpan’s mom telling her she needed to take better care of her hair.

MrCuddles didn’t care for it so much, because of all the subtitles. MrG explained “it was alright if you just read the words.”  (MrC is getting better at reading, but not quick enough for subtitles.)

I was worried MrG would be grossed out by the blood, but not much blood in the movie. He didn’t understand some of the things the audience laughed at, like the silence of the nay-saying men after Aisholpan won.

I enjoyed it. Some beautiful shots of eagles in flight. Feel good movie – unless you’re partial to foxes.

this morning

10 February, 2017

Usually, MrCuddles is not a morning person. The routine, I wake him, gently, softly, taking my time, and he wanders to the living room, cuddles up under a soft blanket, and then is moving about fifteen minutes later. Today, field trip, and his mommy was going on it, so he bounded out of bed, and was ready and dressed right away.

MrOliver-kitty scratched MsSqueaky on the face this morning.

…and…this evening, went to after-care, and MrGrunty was playing Stratego with a couple of first graders. I wasn’t in a hurry, and let them finish the game. He told me after that he didn’t think it would be fun, but actually he had fun playing with them. I told him I was glad that he was playing with little kids, because they like it when big kids play with them. He also told me, “school was fun today, we did writing, I didn’t think I would like it, but I did.”

Affirming Life Sermon

9 February, 2017

…recently, my BFF-CC gave a sermon on Jesus turning water into wine.

She sent me a draft, and of course I gave my opinions, because I’m an argumentative brat.

Anywho…wonderful things from her sermon that I hadn’t thought of:

  • I should be more like Mary… “do this” and then walk away, let them protest, but totally expect to have the task done.
  • I liked the servants fighting over who has to take the wash water to the wine steward to taste, the way she presented it, (did they draw straws? send the new guy?) was humorous.
  •  The little things matter. She wrote: “Christ is right there inside the small, unimportant, easy to miss affirmation of life.” Letting some poor schmuck have a nice wedding. That matters. (Not sure I even thought of that before. Jesus likes quality wine.) Yeah, Jesus wanted somebody to have a nice party. How cool is that? Take a break, celebrate with friends and family. Take a moment to enjoy the normal parts of a normal life. The wedding at Cana is about helping someone have a nice wedding. Saving someone from embarrassment.




8 February, 2017

this evening, MyBetterHalf & I went to the local monthly Democrat meeting.

This morning, MrOliverKitty was snuggled up next to MsS’s pillow. She had a tiny smile as she was rubbing behind his ears when I went to go wake her up.

MrC was cook’s help tonight, peeling & cutting carrots & apples.

MrG had a bit of headache. I tell him there is no need to have a headache, tell your parents, we can give you medicine. But we want to prevent them, let’s try a bit more sleep, a bit more water, and maybe less direct dry-forced air into your room.

(Sorry, no SophieKitty stories)