jr high boys

So…a story from the long long ago, forgive me if some of the details are fuzzy from the fog of the 80s.

One day, at Jr. High School in Tacoma, sitting in the library at lunch, there was a kid kinda picking on me, kinda making fun of me, not sure why. After a bit, he got bored with it and wandered off.  A moment later, he was hopping, yelling, “I got stabbed.”

We all, students and staff, ignored him, because he was a jokester and jerk.

A bit after he was out of the library, I looked over at another table, near where the jerk started yelling and making a scene, and the kid sitting there looks up at me, big grin on his face, “I totally stabbed him” and, I believe, showed me a pocket knife.

And that’s the end of the story. No clue how much is true. No clue if the stabber ever got caught.

Just weird, random, Jr High violence.



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