this morning

Usually, MrCuddles is not a morning person. The routine, I wake him, gently, softly, taking my time, and he wanders to the living room, cuddles up under a soft blanket, and then is moving about fifteen minutes later. Today, field trip, and his mommy was going on it, so he bounded out of bed, and was ready and dressed right away.

MrOliver-kitty scratched MsSqueaky on the face this morning.

…and…this evening, went to after-care, and MrGrunty was playing Stratego with a couple of first graders. I wasn’t in a hurry, and let them finish the game. He told me after that he didn’t think it would be fun, but actually he had fun playing with them. I told him I was glad that he was playing with little kids, because they like it when big kids play with them. He also told me, “school was fun today, we did writing, I didn’t think I would like it, but I did.”


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