The Eagle Huntress

I was very happy that I got to take the childrens to see “The Eagle Huntress“.

I sat next to MsSqueaky, and so heard most of her immediate comments. The thought it “rude” when they captured the young eagle. And she felt sorry for the fox, that they were hunting. MrC explained, “if they don’t hunt the fox, then they will starve.”  I did leant towards MsS and say, “see, all moms are like that” about Aisholpan’s mom telling her she needed to take better care of her hair.

MrCuddles didn’t care for it so much, because of all the subtitles. MrG explained “it was alright if you just read the words.”  (MrC is getting better at reading, but not quick enough for subtitles.)

I was worried MrG would be grossed out by the blood, but not much blood in the movie. He didn’t understand some of the things the audience laughed at, like the silence of the nay-saying men after Aisholpan won.

I enjoyed it. Some beautiful shots of eagles in flight. Feel good movie – unless you’re partial to foxes.



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