MyBetterHalf was transporting & accounting GS Cookies.

MsS spent a shift selling GS Cookies.

MrC and his BFF went to a kids work shop and build a craft.

MrG had a boyscout pinewood derby race. His car, which we put very little work into, sucked. Last place, in all his heats, by a significant margin. He was embarrassed. Wanted to leave. I told him, “you need to just hold your head high, cheer for your friend, and congratulate the winners.”  Later, he had a basketball game. Usually he’s not the first scoring option on his team, but today, he was open, and they passed to him. He grabbed a loose ball and took off on a fast break for a layup. (I’m told he had ten points.) My favorite part, when coached assigned him to guard the big kid, (at least eight inches taller, and prolly 2o pounds heavy, and that kid was decent at shooting and rebounding), I told him his coach gave him a complement by putting him on the big guy.


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